Free Preview Day!


Our official opening day is tentatively scheduled for two weeks from now (18-Apr-2016). In preparation for this, and to give you a little taste of what we’re about, we are planning a preview day this coming Saturday (9-Apr). And it’s free!

We are going to have three class times to try out — 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 AM. Classes will be approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. We built in a little extra time for before and after introductions and discussion. Classes will be coached by the intrepid Kevin Perrone and myself. Each class will only have 8 people at most, so be sure to sign up! Information on how to do so below. If you have any questions, drop me a line at

Looking forward to training you come Saturday!



How to register for a free preview class

Follow this link. Then click “Sign Up.” Instructions with example screenshots below…


Fill out all of the following information.

Screenshot from 2016-04-04 14:08:49


Once you do that, you should receive an email with a login link. Follow that link to login. On the home screen, you’ll see options for the free trial workout on Saturday:


Screenshot from 2016-04-04 14:13:53


Click on the time you’d like to attend, then check the box by your name.


Screenshot from 2016-04-04 14:14:17


And voila! You’re registered for a free preview! You will receive an email later this week with directions on signing our waiver. While in your account, please also add a profile photo so that we can get to know you better, too.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!