Introducing Motion Class — AKA Endurance!

Running is the most accessible form of fitness out there. It’s just you and a flat surface. But it also has one of the highest percentages of injury: between 60-80% of runners are injured EVERY YEAR. That is way too high.

A lot of this comes from poor running form, as well as a complete lack of cross training. Endurance is important. But if you are inflexible, weak, riddled with muscular imbalances — you have other things you need to work on FIRST.

You have to crawl before you can walk, right? So why are you running when you can’t even crawl well?

This thinking — a focus on balance, strength, and quality movement in the interest of decreasing pain and increasing longevity and quality of life — is the foundation of Legitimate Movement. This is why, up to now, we have only had one kind of class: Movement class. Where we move with intention, utilizing kettlebells and your own body, among other implements.

Quality movement should be your foundation. Period. If you do not have the basics down — e.g., if you cannot squat below parallel, if your natural posture is particularly kyphotic from weakness, or if you are one of those people who says things like, “I’ve just never been particularly flexible” — you should not be adding intensity yet. Practice your basics. Come build some healthier patterns. Get flexible. Get balanced. Get stronger. Don’t be one of those 60-80% of injured folks who should really know better by this point.

…but, I get it. Intensity is a drug. It’s addictive. You like that high heart rate. You want to sweat. You want to push yourself.

The most regularly well-attended class in Coach G’s career was his specialized Endurance class at the previous gym he worked at. And it’s about time for the next evolution.

On Monday, 8-May at 7:15 AM, Legitimate Movement is going to test out our first ever Motion class. Think Endurance with LM principles. The focus is still on quality — ALWAYS on quality — but with a little faster pace and other surprises. If you attend LM on the regular, most of the movements will be quite familiar to you. But the format will be a bit different. We want to build your work capacity safely and effectively, with variety and intentionality.

You can sign up for Motion class just like you do for regular classes. Just log in to the app/website and reserve a spot. If y’all like it, we’ll add more classes to the schedule!