Legitimate Movement is hiring!

Legitimate Movement is looking for coaches!

We are a kettlebell and bodyweight gym full of athletes of all different ages, body types, and experience levels. Our aim is to move as well as possible, in as many different ways as the body is capable, and most importantly without pain. The most suitable folks for LM are those who aim to move with grace and mastery, as opposed to sloppy and fast or pants-splittingly heavy. In short, we don’t care how quickly you move or how much weight you can handle if it looks like garbage. DO IT WELL.

Interested? Here’s a little of what we are looking for.

You have received training in…

Bodyweight, mobility, calisthenics and the like. Certifications from/experience with one or more of:
– Agatsu
– Ido Portal
– MovNat

Kettlebell training from one or more of:
– StrongFirst
– Agatsu

You are:
– body image positive
– goal-oriented in your personal athletic pursuits as well as your coaching development
– genuinely interested in people and how to help them
– a student of strength, and can articulate what that means to you
– patient
– kind
– the type of person who considers learning to be a lifelong process (ie – you try to live the path of a “beginner’s mind”)

From a philisophical standpoint, we’d love for you to be open minded and experimental in your training and coaching. You don’t always have to agree with us by any means, but you *should* be able to clearly articulate why you believe what you do, and those reasons should be backed by evidence/reality. An LM coach is someone who makes a good-faith effort at understanding the subject of strength and fitness — even if it ends up breaking down long-held core beliefs you hold.

In addition to coaching regular classes, we would like to encourage any coach on staff to propose specialty classes and seminars. If approved, the coach can head up their own specialty class and receive up to 50% of the revenue for such classes.

We want to see more creative and thoughtful fitness options out there. As such, part of being a trainer at LM means participating in an active forum of ideas.

On the back of our coach t-shirts and business cards are the words:

Are these the kinds of words others might associate with you? Then you should come work here.

If you want to come interview with us, email us at info@legitimatemovement.com with some background info. Tell us about yourself. We’d love to hear about your history with athletics and coaching, how you train yourself currently, and what your goals are in both fitness and career. Then sign up for a free trial class so we can see how you move.