GMB Intro to Elements and Integral Strength

Legitimate Movement is a small, independent gym in Durham, NC. There are not a lot of gyms out there that do things the way that we do. We know this if only because of how often we hear things along the lines of, “I wish we had something like your gym in my area!” or, “Any plans to franchise?” Which, for a young company with three employees, isn’t even on our radar yet!

But, we strongly believe in spreading the tools of good training to as many people as possible, regardless of location and lifestyle. That’s why we’re offering a mostly-online training option with GMB.


Who/what is GMB?

In their own words:

“GMB makes online training programs for people who have more important things to do than spend hours every day working out. Smart training and great support make it possible to build physical freedom and skill for the activities you enjoy most.”

GMB’s stated goal is to help individuals find/increase their physical autonomy. This is a perfect parallel with Legitimate Movement’s mission and is what compelled me to study and train to become a GMB trainer.

Their online educational resources are some of the best available. But a necessary shortcoming of self-led online training is the lack of an experienced coach’s eye helping the athlete to correct and improve their movement along the way. That’s why I’m excited to offer a combination package that brings the best of both worlds.


What do Elements and Integral Strength entail?

Elements and Integral Strength are two of the foundational, online-based training programs developed by GMB. (Click on the links to see detailed descriptions of each program.) You can purchase either of these, then work on them at home on your own. You may also choose to attend GMB@LM, purchased separately.


What does GMB @ LM consist of?

GMB Intro to Elements and Integral Strength is a 3 hour introductory class to GMB methods, most especially the movements and mindset involved in Elements and Integral Strength.

You can attend as a standalone workshop (next one will be on Saturday, 21-Apr-2018 at 1 PM), and/or you can buy one of the online programs through one of the links on this page. If you attend the workshop and buy a program through one of our links, you can then train on your own by following the instructions in the program of your choice and get help from a certified GMB trainer along the way. During your progress in the course, you can post to a private Facebook group to ask questions, post videos for feedback, and interact with your coach and other people in the program. This exclusive access to a dedicated GMB trainer along the way will give you a richer experience with the program.

After completing the program you may choose to attend the GMB class again (typically 8 weeks after the previous one) to review, practice, celebrate and discuss what’s next!

ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! There are no prerequisites to attend. Just sign up, wear comfy clothes in which you can move freely, and show up with a positive and curious attitude — that’s it!


Can I just attend the intro class/workshop?

Yes, absolutely! Just sign up here.

The class will cover the foundational movements of Elements and Integral Strength, some variations of these movements, why they are important, as well as discussing how to integrate them into your current training plan.


Can I just purchase Elements or Integral Strength directly and follow along on my own entirely?


However, having a certified trainer teach the moves and make corrections — especially in the early stages of your training — will greatly enhance your experience. Purchasing the programs alone does not provide any direct coaching.


Who is this for?

The ideal client for this kind of training is the person who has become determined to improve their physical autonomy. Most especially in the sense that they are done giving lip service to the idea of self-improvement and are ready to take action.

Additionally, one or more of these conditions probably apply to you:
– work, travel, or general life circumstances are preventing you from making it to the gym regularly
– you’re not a fan of gyms
– you enjoy exercising on your own, or on your own schedule
– you perform better when given clear instructions on what exercise to do rather than being left to your own devices


That’s me! I want to participate!

Once you have signed up for the intro class  ($35) and purchased either Elements or Integral Strength, sign in to Facebook and request inclusion in the GMB@LM facebook group. This is where we will be interacting throughout the program. If you have questions, want to share a video (of your progress on a movement or to ask for a form check), or otherwise just want to interact with your fellow athletes — this is where you’ll do it. I will be checking this group daily to respond to questions and offer feedback/advice.


What if I’m not sure which program I want to try just yet?

That’s okay too! You can attend the intro class and decide from there. Or if you still feel unsure, I would recommend starting with Elements.


Refund Policy

As this workshop tends to sell out regularly, there are no refunds. If you register but then are not able to attend the event, please notify us 48 hours in advance at the latest and we can move your reservation to a future workshop.

Got any other questions?

Email me at!