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    Legitimate Movement says goodbye

    Greetings, athletes! Back in September we posted about the upcoming closing of Legitimate Movement and just wanted to give you some quick updates all in one place. The official last day of LM classes will be Saturday, 15-Dec. On Sunday, 16-Dec, we will be moving some equipment out and moving other equipment around. We would […]

    Legitimate Movement is hiring!

    Legitimate Movement is looking for coaches! We are a kettlebell and bodyweight gym full of athletes of all different ages, body types, and experience levels. Our aim is to move as well as possible, in as many different ways as the body is capable, and most importantly without pain. The most suitable folks for LM […]

    New Year’s Resolve

    We run a gym, so New Year’s is kind of our Black Friday. All the resolutions drive people back to the gym. And the gyms, in preparation, have all kinds of banners and promises. Declarations “Lose those holiday pounds!” or all manner of “Get started on that beach body today!” Or our least favorite: “New […]