Class Formats and Programming

Modern health and fitness can seem confusing. There are all the late night ads for home ab machines and other specialty equipment. TV shows like The Biggest Loser that turn weight loss into a spectator sport. Popular exercise programs that seem to focus on entering into a workout as if it were a battle or race, leaving you destroyed on the floor afterwards.

That is not who we are at Legitimate Movement.

Our goal is to teach you how to use your body well, not just put you through a workout. We want to provide continuing improvement in the areas of strength, endurance, movement quality, and perhaps most of all: mindset. We teach principles, not just exercises. A new personal best on a deadlift is great, but it’s significantly more important to know how to pick things up the right way and continuing to move well many years from now.

As one of our teachers often says:

“You shouldn’t be focused on getting a muscle up. You should be focused on getting what the muscle up gives you.”

– Shawn Mozen of Agatsu

That is: the exercise accomplishment itself is secondary to the strength, vitality, and general quality of life that the pursuit of good fitness can offer you.

At Legitimate Movement, we want you to be strong and capable and truly prepared for anything. But to do that, you must train smart and with purpose. Preparing randomly is not the same as truly being prepared for any random thing.

Class Formats

For all classes, we maintain a low member-to-coach ratio to make sure every athlete receives adequate attention while also providing the support and fun of a community. The central philosophy behind all we teach is that movement quality is paramount.

General Physical Preparedness class is our flagship class. Classes are 75 minutes long to allow for proper coach-led warm up for any work we’re doing that day. After that, the workout is divided into an “Appetizer” (deliberate preparatory movements), a “Main” (the primary workout), and “Dessert” (conditioning, endurance, flexibility, or other cool-down). GPP class utilizes bodyweight, kettlebells, and a variety of other modalities combined in a balance fashion to give you a solid foundation for any physical pursuit.

Bodyweight Strength Training is a little different. Classes are 60 minutes and rely entirely on your own bodyweight. This class typically focuses on two primary skills for the day, such as push up variations, single-leg squat stability, pull ups, or handstands. Following a very detailed warm-up, the class will work on that day’s primary skills, followed by a rotation of movements intended to deepen those skills or complement them. The goal of BST class is to teach you all the different ways you can move your body, and how to become strong in any position. Want to be more capable with your own body? This is the class for you.

Best of all, all of our classes are accessible to every level. The great thing about intelligent training is that it’s scalable to any level. There is always more weight to be added to a resistance movement, and always harder variations of individual bodyweight movements to try. The opportunity for continued movement education really is endless.


Ours is challenging but adaptable program that’s been meticulously planned out to ensure continuity of progress. Each class builds on the previous and prepares you for the next. We view every part of class as important. From the warm up to the main focus to the cool down, we spend just as much time teaching the finer points of them all. Every day you’ll work hard and come out understanding your body a little bit better.

Quality before adding intensity, always.

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