Personal Training

Personal training at Legitimate Movement can help you with your individualized needs in the area of body composition, strength training, endurance, neurological optimization, as well as improved integrity of movement and range of motion. We work one-on-one in a small gym setting, outdoors, or in your own home. We also offer private small group training.

We will discuss your goals as well as evaluate your mobility, work capacity, and strength. With this information we can design a program that is ideal for you to reach those goals and conquer your weaknesses. We recommend personal training at least 2-3 sessions per week if you do not otherwise have a primary fitness resource. Legitimate Movement members can supplement with personal training as needed for additional help towards their goals.

The key to success is consistency! The more committed you are, the better your results.

Contact us for rates and scheduling. First consultation free!

If you’re also a member at Legitimate Movement and could use some more personalized attention, come ask us about special rates for personal training.

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