We want to provide you with the best possible individual experience for the best price we can manage. Our model is not that of a big box gym, where they sign you up and don’t care if you ever come.

We want you here as often as possible. We want you to commit to yourself and show up and do the work. We don’t just want to take your money while you stay at home. Most of our memberships are sold as class packages, with part of the motivation being that you need to get in here and commit to self-improvement!


What to do once you’ve joined

Download the Zen Planner app (iPhone or Android) so that you can sign up for classes. You can also do it online via our Member Connect site.

We need you to be diligent about signing in for classes for multiple reasons. First and foremost, we are a small gym. That intimacy and personal attention is at the core of our philosophy, but it also means space is limited. Right now we have classes capped at 8 people. So if you want to attend a class, sign up in advance! Second, it keeps track of the number of classes in your package.

Please be considerate of your fellow members. That means:
– Don’t sign up for a class and then drop out at the last second. If class starts in an hour or less, the system will not allow you to cancel. Commit to attending!
– Be on time for class.

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