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Physical fitness should not be intimidating or otherwise difficult to attain. We have evolved to move. It’s in our nature. The modern training culture tells us that real fitness means collapsing into a puddle of pain and sweat at the end of a workout.

This is wrong.

Conditioning is good, but suffering is not. We want you to get stronger and move well through the fullest range of motion of which your body is capable. Being better, fitter, and more capable is much simpler than the Nike and Gatorade commercials would have you believe! Don’t believe us? Come try a class for free!

Legitimate Movement is a community-oriented, 900-square-foot gym in Durham, NC. We welcome all ages, sizes, colors, shapes, experience levels — quality fitness is for everyone. Our focus is on quality movement and beautiful strength — not mindless cardio or racing with weights. Let go of the idea that extreme fatigue is the path to fitness and come find out what it means to be strong. Legitimately strong. You will sweat. You will be challenged. You will be fitter than you’ve ever been.

Our everyday pricing can be found here. But until the end of November, we are offering our introductory pricing as auto-renewing punch cards. Pay only for the classes that you’re going to use, and cancel any time once you’ve used up that package!

# of classes Price per class Total price Valid for
10 15 150 3 months
25 13 325 5 months
40 11.50 460 7 months

If nothing else, come try a free class! (CLICK HERE to sign up for your free class.) You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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